Hands-Free Products

Hands-free Products

From health care facilities to educational institutions and everything in between — Elkay® has a large selection of products that help you contribute to a safer world. You’ll find scrubs, hand wash sinks and touchless bottle filling stations with lead-reducing filters. Here’s a look at just some of our innovative products.

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Water Delivery

Wall Mount Bi-Level ADA Hands-Free, Non-Filtered Refrigerated

Hands-free Hydration

Elkay® has been meeting the water delivery needs of businesses. As a leading manufacturer of drinking water products, you’ll find a large selection of touchless, sanitary, sensor-activated bottle filling stations and water coolers in a variety of styles and configurations.

Take a look at our videos that show the hands-free activation from our products:

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Touchless Hydration Made Easy

Elkay's hands-free EZ cooler conversion kit allows you to bring healthier, hygienic hydration to your facility. Easily convert your existing Elkay EZ cooler from push-bar activation to touchless, sensor activation.



EZS Push-bar Activated


Conversion Kit 




EZO Hands-Free Activated

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Hands-Free Sink

Superior Cleanability

Our hands-free units are designed to prevent the users from touching the sink with their hands. They feature a motion sensor, a push bar, or a foot pedal for a hygienic wash station.

In addition, Elkay’s stainless steel finish provides superior cleanability and makes sanitation easy in comparison to other materials.

Take a look at our videos that show the hands-free activation from our products:

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Product Resources

Care and Cleaning

We suggest that you continue to monitor the CDC’s website for the most recent information related to methods and materials to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.  

For Elkay drinking water products, follow the cleaning directions outlined in the instructions provided with your product or visit our website for more information. If you choose to use a disinfectant, use only the following products:

  • Virox Technologies, Inc. PREempt Wipes
  • Clorox Commercial Solutions® Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfecting Wipes
  • Clorox Healthcare® Disinfectant Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Wipes

Once you have used any disinfectant on an Elkay drinking water product, it must be thoroughly wiped dry with a water-dampened clean cloth after the specified disinfectant contact time as indicated on the disinfectant product.

For more information, please view the Notice to Elkay Customers (English | Spanish).